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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Learn Haitian Creole in one Week - Aprann Kreyòl nan yon Semèn - Page 46 etc

Learn Creole, in one week, Aprann Kreyol, Creole lessons, Creole podcast, episode

Starting on page 46, listen to this podcast episode and follow in this textbook found on Amazon.

Nan Mache anfè – At the Iron Market (in Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

Kisa l’ap fè la-a? L-ap vann? – What is he doing here?  Is he selling?

L-ap negosye ak machann yo.  Pa gen pri fiks – He is negotiating with the merchants.  There is no fixed price

Eske ou ka di-m kisa yo fè ak pay sa yo?  - Can you tell me what they do with these straws?

Touris yo ap achte kado pou zanmi ak fanmi yo – The tourists are buying souvenirs for their friends and family members.

Eske ou vann sapat tou?  - Do you sell sandals (flip flops) too ?

M gen sandals an kwi ak sandals an kawotchou.  Kisa ou vle achte? – I have leather and rubber sandals.

Kilès ki pi bon mache?  - Which one of the two is cheaper?









Check out this episode!